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Best Hair Removal Cream For Vag [Outstanding Choices]

best hair removal cream for vag

Complete Guide To The Best Hair Removal Cream For Vag

If you’re looking for the best hair removal cream for vag, then you’re on the right page. Obviously, applying a hair removal cream on your nether regions is no joke.

You will definitely want to go for the best. And luckily, there are a few manufacturers that produce just the perfect depilatory creams for sensitive areas.

But you should know, that most hair removal creams are meant for non-sensitive areas because they contain very harsh chemicals that could cause severe skin irritation and many other allergic reactions when applied to sensitive areas.

Best Hair Removal Creams For Vag 2020 Updates

Veet Gel Hair Remover Cream

One thing, you will note about this product is that it was not made specifically for the genital area. However, Veet hair remover cream is effective in getting rid of pubic hair without causing skin irritation.

The cream is fortified with essential oils and vitamin E which ensure that the skin stays nourished while the chemicals work to get rid of your pubic.

This hair removal cream is so effective that it is one of the most recommended hair removal creams for vag in the market.


  • Effectively removes hair on sensitive skin
  • Doesn’t cause skin irritation
  • Contains essential oils


  • The smell could be improved.

NAIR Shower Power Sensitive Formula

NAIR Shower Power Sensitive Formula is similar to the product from Veet in the sense that it is fortified with essential oil to keep the skin safe from the effects of the harsh chemicals.

This cream is made with sunflower seed oil and unlike many other options in the market, it can be used directly in the shower.


  • Effectively removes hair
  • Less harsh on the skin
  • Works well or sensitive skin


  • Smell needs improvement

Nair Sensitive Formula Bikini Cream

Nair Sensitive Formula Bikini Cream is another effective option from Nair, but unlike the previous one, this product is made specifically for sensitive skin.

It contains extra natural ingredients such as baby oil, cocoa butter, and vitamin E which keep the skin hydrated and irritation-free while the cream gets rid of the hair. In the end, you will have soft, moisturized, hair-free skin.


  • Affordable
  • Effectively gets rids of pubic hair
  • Doesn’t cause skin irritation


  • Not very effective on thicker hair

Bikini Zone Bikini Creme Hair Remover

Bikini Zone Bikini Creme Hair Remover is another depilatory cream made specifically for the pubic region. The cream works very fast and should be able to get rid of your pubic hair in just about 4 hours.

Bikini Zone Bikini Creme Hair Remover is fortified with more natural ingredients than you can find in many other options. It contains vitamins and antioxidants which nourish your skin and ensures that it is as smooth and radiant as possible.

It also contains green tea extracts that possess anti-inflammatory properties and protect your skin from the harsh effects of the chemicals.

This is one of the main reasons why most people did not get any skin irritation or side effects after using the cream.

Another reason why Bikini Zone Bikini Creme Hair Remover is one of the safest options to try is due to its ingredients.

Artificial ingredients and harmful chemicals like parabens are thankfully absent from its formula making it one of the best, most affordable options out there


  • Affordable
  • Effectively removes hair
  • Doesn’t cause skin irritation

Avon SSS Fresh & Smooth Bikini Line Hair Removal Cream

Avon SSS Fresh & Smooth Bikini Line Hair Removal Cream is another lovely option for ladies with very sensitive skin on their bikini line.

This cream is fortified with natural ingredients that keep your sensitive skin nourished and irritation-free while the cream works to get rid of the hair.

One of the main ingredients that ensure the skin remains nourished is meadowfoam oil. Overall, Avon SSS Fresh & Smooth Bikini Line Hair Removal Cream is one of the perfect products to try out.

How to Do A Patch Test

As said earlier, depilatory creams are fortified with heavy chemicals that could be incredibly harsh on the skin.

The options above are made with several natural ingredients such as essential oils to protect the skin from irritation due to the effect of these chemicals.

However, if you have extremely sensitive skin, you might want to consider doing a patch test before applying the cream on the genital area.

A patch test is a way of knowing if you’re allergic to a certain product. To do a patch test, you should apply the cream to a non-sensitive part of your body.

Watch out for reactions like burns, redness, swelling or skin irritation. If you notice any of these reactions, then you’re allergic and should avoid using the cream.

If not, you can go ahead and apply the cream to your pubic region. You should allow the cream stay for as long as possible so that you can detect any side effects or reactions that take time to show.

How Do Hair Removal Creams Work

Hair removal creams or depilatory creams break down the protein (keratin) structure of the hair. This dissolves the root of the hair, weakening them to the point that they are easily broken off when the cream is wiped away.

To actually do this, the cream is fortified with powerful chemicals. These chemicals are what make the cream very effective and also, what cause the side effects.

Normally, using a depilatory cream shouldn’t cause any side effects, But when applied incorrectly, it could easily turn into a massive problem.

Mild side effects include rashes, pain, and skin irritation. In more severe cases, it could lead to skin peeling, blisters, and chemical burns.

The options in this list are formulated with less harsh chemicals that will get rid of genital hair without causing allergic reactions.

Wrapping Up

That’s all on our list of the best hair removal cream for vag. You can try out any of the options above and give me your feedback.

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